Momiji-en's Winter Wonderland / by Gwil Evans

A quietness envelopes the garden

Despite the inconvenience and potential hazards, Mother Nature gifted us with an early white Christmas. If nothing else it has helped put us in the holiday mood by blanketing the garden with its gauzy surrealism.

Monochromatic emphasis of line and texture

The natural simplicity a layer of snow and ice can bring to the garden is a specialty of winter. We like it in moderation, where we can enjoy the magic without worrying about damage to our home and garden plants. So far that’s been the case. We’ve been lucky!

Dripping like icing on a cake

As we decorate the Christmas tree indoors, Nature has decked the garden with silvery icicles, frosty sparkles on gravel ground covers, and an emphasis on the plant and stone forms we carefully sculpt and arrange during the rest of the year.

Golden shower of barberry

What remaining colors left showing have a hand-tinted appearance and take new prominence as the highlight of this otherwise monochromatic landscape. The feeling is unique among the garden’s seasonal displays.

Emphasis on the roof lines

Perhaps the most present of these current weather effects is seen in the teahouse. This is the first snow it has experienced and it feels right at home. This is truly the time one takes a heavy quilt down to the tearoom to listen to the winter silence.

A fringed cap added to the iron lantern

Holiday peace and love to you all!