Springs Ahead / by William Cook

White Star Magnolia

The first bright yellow crocus blossom pokes its head above ground with great anticipation. But it's still winter. Daffodils and hyacinth emerge and spread their scent across the garden. But it's still winter. Plum trees bloom with pink and white exuberance. But it's still winter. Now the white star magnolia forms plump buds and is opening with unfurled grace and fragrance. It may still be winter but here a turning point is signaled. Spring is very near.

Mt. Fuji Cherry

The progression of blossoms in the winter and spring gardens is one of the joys of Nature reawakening. Part of why the Japanese may celebrate the cherry blossoming moment or Sakura, is here the spring transition is complete and celebrated with great fanfare and ceremony. Spring has finally arrived. Momiji-ens genkan or entry garden “Mt. Fuji” cherry with its swollen buds is just waiting with the help of some sunshine to burst into a puffy cloud of white. Spring is only a few days away.

After a winter’s sleep, Nature awakens to spring and the verdant seasonal parade towards summer begins.