Borrowed Inspiration / by William Cook

Cherry "borrowed" view

Years ago when the garden was younger we had a clearer view of our neighbor's trees to the north of us. One in particular was a fancy flowering cherry that seemed to glow with captured sunshine as we viewed it through the accompanying Douglas fir trees.

It was such a welcomed sight as spring neared that in 1993 I decided I would do an oil painting of it in the style of Grant Wood. His style is one that simplifies form and texture, yet conveys all the spirit of the Nature he sets out to capture.

Painted in 1993

Today that same tree has tripled in size but now has many more trees (some of which we planted) that have grown up in front of it. Even with this veil of branches we can still see it when it is in bloom and it still brings that spot of brightness to the first days of spring, like cotton candy on a stick!

This is one reason why we appreciate that we live in a place that expresses all four seasons with notable distinction. The gardens of Kyoto proudly proclaim this same distinction. They are not alone or unique in this matter!