Horsefly reminder / by William Cook

I was reminded last night that we are but a microscopic piece of this universe and that by design everything in it functions together for the existence of the whole.

As we sat in the garden room viewing the garden, a large horse fly came crashing into the window in front of us. This was the second night in a row that this happened and we wondered if it might be the same fly.

That had to hurt!

It spun around in circles on its back on the deck, got up and limped a bit on five legs, and then stopped and shook itself to regain composer. It was stunned but not hurt. In times gone by I would have taken the opportunity to squash it if I were near enough, after all, they really bite!

However, while it sat recovering quietly before us, it gave us an opportunity to observe and contemplate its existence. Surely like most creatures other than humans it was living in the moment. It had no complicated agenda other than to survive, find food, and not be eaten (or squashed!).

Its presence or absence was no lesser or greater than our own. It was an equal part of the diverse composition of Nature, and harbored no delusion that it was the center of the universe. Or did it?

What a good reminder of our place in it all!