Off to a chilly start! / by Gwil Evans

Creating a unified texture

The new year arrived bringing along with it a blast of Arctic air. Temperatures have stayed below freezing for several days and the thin layer of snow that arrived a couple of days ago sits frozen to the ground. Only the metal roofs have thawed, especially the copper roof of the teahouse.

Simplicity of form

The simplicity of snow covered ground always triggers in me need to look for graphic photo images to capture. It helps to concentrate on subjects with simplified geometric forms that are punctuated by light and shadow.

Light and shadow define form

The upside to being house-bound is it encourages me to focus on what’s around me and look for something to do to keep busy. There’s always garden views to sit and celebrate if you're feeling a bit lazy, but there are inside chores that have been waiting for attention as well.

Sit back and enjoy or . . .

After hosting several groups of friends for holiday gatherings, it was time to spiff-up the garden room space. As my Mom always attested, “Do your big house cleaning AFTER you entertain guests, not before.” So I decided to clean the wood floors and polish the leather furniture and bring renewed freshness to the garden room interior.

Shine and sparkle!

This housekeeping activity was an appropriate task for the new year, recognizing a good clean start on the future!

Best wishes for a better 2017!