Oliver Sacks

BOOK: Oliver Sacks "On the Move" by William Cook

With the amount of rain we’ve had I can’t believe we are nearing at official spring! Moments in the garden have been few but productive, albeit limited to non-soggy areas! Can’t wait for it to dry out, the sliding amado doors of the tea house to shrink back so I can open them once again, the installation of beautiful granite slab walkways to keep feet out of the mud, and the daily good-health induced by the medicine the garden dispenses.

     An amazing man recounts his journey through life and science.


An amazing man recounts his journey through life and science.

But with the rain also comes opportunity. I have just finished the nearly 400 pages of “On The Move” and once again enjoyed the immersion into another life full of discovery and enlightenment (it was my 5th auto/biography since New Years).

Dr. Sacks was unique in his interests and search for answers. I particularly enjoyed the focus on the brain and all the aspects he studied relating to motor skills, sight, hearing, memory, emotion, pain, and the feeling of "self.” So much remains from his research to still unravel but I related to his path, much like the search for the source and acquisition of spirituality, life experienced in the moment, that I pursue in my work. Find “meaning!"